Lisa Morgan

If you’ve never met Lisa Morgan, you’ve likely seen her work, which says everything you need to know about her personality. Colorful and nuanced. Bold, but understated. Vibrant, yet subtle. Always setting the right tone for the right moment in the right space.

Lisa Morgan is an accomplished professional beauty expert with more than three decades of experience in the film and television industry. As a makeup artist, she has sculpted some of the most famous faces in Hollywood. Now, she has harnessed her talents and creative inspiration to create a diverse line of beauty products that reflects her endearing spirit and auspicious attitude.

“I wanted to address the lack of shades for woman of all colors. Customizing gives them more choices and the confidence to try something new.”

DolledUp Cosmetics is the realization of a lifelong dream. Her journey into the world of makeup began watching mom meticulously blend her eyeshadows and apply the perfect red pout. Gloria is the reason she became a makeup artist. Her famous father, baseball legend Joe Morgan – #8 – always pushed her to reach for the stars.

“My signature red shade is in honor of my dad. He instilled in us the importance of building our own brand. He wanted me to be the next Bobbi Brown. I want to pass on those values to my daughter, Summer, and leave a legacy she can build on.”

Lisa’s line of cosmetics is inspired by her obsession with lip gloss. She says it’s an essential part of every makeup artist’s kit. And she never leaves home without it in her makeup bag.

“Makeup makes you feel better. It changes your mood. I enjoy mixing up colors for my clients knowing I’m having a positive impact on someone’s day. And being the boss allows me to create opportunities for those who aren’t in the same position.”